GWD slow performance

I’m working on a project with lots of components and images. GWD is lagging badly, every commands have 2-3 seconds lag. I’m on a fast computer too (12 cores, 500GB SSD, 48GB Ram). Is there ways to allocate more memory to GWD or something to boost its performance? Windows 10 Pro 64bits

In your windows settings there is a procedure to allocate maximum memory / cpu performance to a
particular software , select GWD in that , it should help
I think the problem is overheating of your cpu and the cores , you might need a cooling pad or just give it a break from time to time(specially if you have an external hard drive attached to it).

Thanks I’ll look into allocate memory. GWD uses less than 10% of CPU when running the emulator. I think I’ve pushed GWD to the limit…time to simplify the design.