GWS is very laggy

As the title says, GWS is very laggy. I’m running version 2.0.0, which used to be much smoother before.

I have recorded a video to better show what I’m talking about

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hi @ayasofya , in the video you can clearly see the problem, GWD / GWS does not have any problem, it is just that you finished the RAM, the same thing happens to me when I use my laptop that has 6GB of RAM, if you want to improve performance and that problem disappears , you must use the exact dimensions in your image editor, example the animated bar of the bpm, suppose that the dimension you want in GWS / GWD is 360x100 in your image editor use that same dimension, in this way you will solve the problem. .

Hello @YA_Soft. My laptop has 16 GB RAM, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Also, the original resolution of the ECG graphics are the bottom is 656x172. They aren’t animated either; they’re static images in .png format. I have downsized them slightly to better fit the display.

I will resize them in a photo editing program and see if that improves performance, though. Thanks!

Same here. Macbook pro 32gb. Very slow…