GWS is very laggy

As the title says, GWS is very laggy. I’m running version 2.0.0, which used to be much smoother before.

I have recorded a video to better show what I’m talking about

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hi @ayasofya , in the video you can clearly see the problem, GWD / GWS does not have any problem, it is just that you finished the RAM, the same thing happens to me when I use my laptop that has 6GB of RAM, if you want to improve performance and that problem disappears , you must use the exact dimensions in your image editor, example the animated bar of the bpm, suppose that the dimension you want in GWS / GWD is 360x100 in your image editor use that same dimension, in this way you will solve the problem. .

Hello @YA_Soft. My laptop has 16 GB RAM, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Also, the original resolution of the ECG graphics are the bottom is 656x172. They aren’t animated either; they’re static images in .png format. I have downsized them slightly to better fit the display.

I will resize them in a photo editing program and see if that improves performance, though. Thanks!

Same here. Macbook pro 32gb. Very slow…

GWS is just very, very slow. If you can, just use one image, sized 360x360 with all of the static assets on it, then only have the moving, or tag-dependent images…