GWS Emulator Performance

I’m trying to screen record emulator for marketing material, but it’s kind of laggy. Second hand tension movement effect doesn’t always show, emulator would skip the tension effect for a few second then shows it for a couple of second. Obviously that won’t work for marketing material.

Is there a way to allocate more memory or cpu to GWS?

GWS v2.0.0_beta Build ID 200403
Windows 10 pro 64bit
48GB Ram
12 core Xeon cpu
GTX 1080 Ti & GTX 1070

You havemore than enough RAM , and 12 cores, and i thought i had the same problem because of only 8 GB Ram.
In settings on your PC , there is a way to allocate more priority to any program of your choosing
But i doubt it will help

I’ve tried change priority, it didn’t make any difference. Bummer, I hope GWS team will fix this. Thanks.

I was wondering about this too, i tried recording the screen and then speeding up the video but it was no go. In the end i record the actual watch with my watch face and then edit the video, but if you are recording close to the watch screen the pixels tend to show.

If you have another PC , download 1.6.1, that works better

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