GWS uploads on forum

Would it be possible to allow uploads of .gwd files directly to the GWS forums? We can upload images however when sharing a .gwd file we have to share via a file sharing service, Google drive, Dropbox etc.

Extra steps etc and would life easier?

No need, just compress the GWD file or actually, just rename it to a ZIP file, it’s already a compressed file.


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Hi @GlasBeard ,
I think you are off topic, most likely it will be moved, anyway if you want to share any type of file with another forum user you can follow these steps.

  1. In the window that appears when responding to another user, press the upload icon.
  2. After doing step 1 a pop-up window will appear to upload the file.

You will find a small description of the files in the format that you can upload, if none of those formats is the one you want to upload, you can compress your file in zip format and upload it.
I hope I have helped
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