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Hello, I start to use Galaxy Watch Studio ver. 2.0.1.
I owe one smartwatch Galaxy 1856 SM-R800. I create one face but I understand that is not possible to install on the watch. I use different computer, with W764 (java not working) with W10 64 Iexplorer have error on the log in page (I try all the internet options but nothing) I also try with apple macbook with Catalina (impossible to connect to the watch) I also produce the distributor certificate with tizen and I pack the face on Tpk file (impossible to upload, only with strings).I tryed with different network, even with hotspot with my samsung S23. At least I use Watch face studio but impossible to connect with my watch. Please help me to understand why is too complicate changing one face on the “smart” watch?? How is possible that 99% working except the 1% that you need for see working your job?? If I can have one configuration working, I will arrange one computer with this. Thanks to everybody for the answers

Do not use Galaxy Watch Studio 2.0.1 unless you have to use if for Mac, There is a bug with the AoD not loading that causes much issues. Download GWS 2.0.0 in the previous versions list.

Watch Face Studio is for Wear based devices Galaxy Watch is Tizen based

In the build settings there is a setting for the version You may want to build it for Tizen 3 but your watch should run Tizen 4 OK Check your About Watch Software version to be sure. If this is Tizen 3 then there is good news and an easier way to connect than Wifi, don’t update the watch software.

Be sure you have the developer options on and debugging enabled

If you generated the distributor certificate then you were connected so I assume you are talking about run on Watch

Be sure you have WiFi always on, not auto

You can only connect with the computer and watch on the same Wifi network , not USB and generally if your computer has Ethernet it won’t work.

The Tizen generated certificates will not work with GWS you have to use the Fit2Installer to install the .tpk file.

When you first install observe your watch very carefully you may have to accept an RSA encryption key. If you don’t do that in a few seconds it will reject and not allow the file to transfer. You have to reboot your computer and reboot the watch (hold down the power key until it says rebooting about 15 seconds.

Then try to install again.

Hope this helps

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Hi Ron,
Thank you for the Answer. Unfortunately, even 2.0 version doesnt work!!
Everythings are good, in the way of connect the watch and create the face but… when I need to transfer on My Watch the Project, doesn’t appare the log in Samsung and I can’t proceed with distributor certificate. I also try to delete the IE cache and the system ask me That Samsung certificate is not valid, My configuration is W1064 Default Browser Edge. I also pack the face with tizen studio in .tpk file but Is not easy to upload the face. Can I have one configuration that working and I will arrange one computer with it?Thank you

The short answer is you cannot do that. GWS uses a Java library that has IE browser signature but IE is no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore not supported by the Seller Portal. So you cannot generate a distributor certificate using GWS.

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I know that IE browser is out of Microsoft support, thats why I arrange one computer with W764 and Iexplorer 11 with the last update installed. The problem is that the Samsung Certificate are not valid and even if I try to import it, the system dont give me the possibility to access on log in page. The debug mode of GWS(eclipsec.exe), show me the link that program must browse for give the possibility to create the Distributor certificate. If I paste that link on every Browser I have, working fine and show the log in page Samsung account but nothing happen with GWS. I also try to delete the cache of Iexplorer but the result is only that ask the Samsung certificate, and even if I import it, the page stay empty. If you give me other solution I apreciate, I think that is possible to working around this. At least, the watch all the time is perfect connected and stay with the ! Samsung Watch (1856). So, please we can find one solution for this? Thank you

The problem is with the Java library that GWS uses has the fingerprint of IE and that is rejected. There is no way you can generate them certificates.

I was playing with this yesterday and I’m not sure you can generate the .tpk files with GWS anymore. I ran out of time. If you have a .tpk file you can use Tizen Studio to generate the Author and Distributor Certificate and use an old Fit2Installer to push them on to your watch.

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