Heart rate meter as (inverse) percentage (0-100%) between 40 and 240

So I’m trying to use a built in meter (like a progress bar) set to heart rate. I want to display 40 bpm as 100% on the meter (meaning “Great heart rate!”) to 240 bpm as 0% (because that’s probably not very healthy). Anything outside of those ranges can be ignored.

I know about minimum and maximum values and the [HR] tag and the ability to use tags, expressions, and formulas in those but this is just so completely escaping me that I really have no idea how I should be doing this here.

Any ideas?

Set it up like this:
Value: 40 + 200-([HR]-40)
Max: 240
Min: 40



Or simply
Value: 40+240-[HR]
Max: 240
Min: 40
btw. I do not think it would be informative display, as the low BPM values are actually good only during resting, not during workout. It is normal that heart rate of healthy person automatically adjusts to the load.

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Thanks, both of you. That works and is easily transformed to the inverse I was looking for with

-40 -(240-[HR])

I get what you’re saying on the low range and supposedly 40 is only really achieved by athletes or something, right? I’m making it for me and my normal resting is around 80 so I really just want it as a niggling reminder that I could do better (plus I have reason to just make sure my rate isn’t jumping up randomly - I need an “at a glance” measure of how high or low it is)

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