Help: Can't upload watch face to Play Console

Hey everyone.

I’m new in this type of thing. So I’ve created a watch face with a Watch Face Studio, followed the steps, made a build and then selected “upload” in the WFS. It opens Safari and the Play Console and ask me to select the dev account. After i confirm the account nothing happens, Play console site is loading it’s home page.

Am I doing something wrong? Or should I get the build somewhere and publish it manually?
I’ll be very thankful for any help.

P.S. I got WFS 1.2.6 installed. Mac OS Monterrey (Latest)

Anybody? Please help. It’s just not showing me the “Publish” window…

Did you check this thread? You can follow the steps shared by MAWATCHES.

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Hello, I am just want watch face Because I try that steps but still facing a issue in last step. Help.


Please open a new topic and be more exact in the issues you are having.
So it is clearer where your issue is.

Samsung Developer Relations