High color is false on emulator

What watch does the emulator emulates? Checking High color always return false (this is behaviour of Gear S2):


Gear S2 does not support High Color AOD. You need Gear S3 and newer for High Color AOD and use low color AOD for Gear S2.

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Yes I know.

The question: is the emulator emulates a Gear S2 since it always return false?

I wish the emulator to return true (since all other hardware supports high color).

The high color and low color AOD mode works for me with any emulator.
You need to create variables for the physical equipment you are going to use.
If it is a Gear S2 with a variable, I configure it so that the AOD is low color and if the
equipment allows high color AOD with the variable that I have created, I get the design with high color AOD.

Do you do web development?

var hicolor = tizen.systeminfo.getCapability("http://tizen.org/feature/screen.always_on.high_color");

hicolor as a variable is always false when tested on emulator (real devices work fine). This is what I am asking, not what to do with the variable.

The variable that works is the following:

I work with Web and it works correctly for me on emulators.O

var isHighColorMode = tizen.systeminfo.getCapability(“http://tizen.org/feature/screen.always_on.high_color”);

You have two options:

Option 1:

Create an emulator with low-color AOD and another emulator with high-color AOD.
Test the application on both emulators and see if the chosen AOD works.

Option 2:

Use the variable isHighColorMode or the one you created with a boolean True or False to see if AOD modes works.

Thanks! I have created 2 emulators and not aware that there is an AOD option (which default to none).

I set it to High and solve the issue, thanks!

Hi, I am doing more testing, and it seems that the AOD Color Type setting does not work.

I have set the AOD Color Type to High.

But I still got false for my code:

 hicolor = tizen.systeminfo.getCapability("http://tizen.org/feature/screen.always_on.high_color");
console.log("HiColor: " + hicolor);

file:///js/main.js (654) :HiColor: false

Just want to use high color AOD?
It has the variable,
var is AmbientMode;

The variable,
hicolor = tizen.systeminfo.getCapability(“http://tizen.org/feature/screen.always_on.high_color”);
no need to create it if you are only going to use high color AOD and with equipment superior to Gear S2

Hi, at this moment I am still supporting Gear S2 (as using Tizen 2.3.1).