Tizen Studio Emulator

Does the emulator work for AMD systems? I’m seeing a lot of troubleshooting efforts requiring Intel-specific BIOS settings to be enabled.

My understanding is that the emulator can work on AMD systems, however it’s a lot less reliable, requires a lot of troubleshooting, and there’s a chance it just may not work for you.

One tip support had was to enable virtualization in the processor BIOS settings. I believe for AMD it’s called AMD-V.

There is still a chance it won’t work after this, but it has helped some people.

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Yeah, I have Hyper-V working, so all that should be done. Thanks for the feedback. Saved me a lot of time.

Is there another way to test programs? Maybe some manual method with my real watch?

You can easily connect to your real watch with Tizen Studio.

While it takes a few minutes to set up but it works pretty smoothly.

On your watch:
Go to settings
About Watch
Scroll down to Software
Scroll down to Software Version Tap 5 times on the software version and it will turn on Developer Options.
Scroll in About watch and it should say Debuggging is on or have an option to turn debugging on… depending on the Tizen Version
In Settings
Connections WiFi
Set Wifi Always on
After the connection it will list the network for Wifi.
Tap on the network and it will open up and you can find the IP Address write it down

On your computer
be sure it is connected to the network with Wifi you may have to disable ethernet or unplug the ethernet if that is hooked up.

In Tizen Studio
Open Device manager
Then open the remote device manager (icon looks like a phone and Computer connected) make up a name for your watch, enter the IP address
On your watch make sure your watch is active and watch your watch very carefully
Make your connection it should show when you Ok Remote Device Manager
When you connect with remote device manager an RSA Encryption Key acknowledgement will pop up. You have to OK that if you don’t it won’t show again and you won’t know why your can’t connect.
Open Certificate Manager if it doesn’t open for you
Create a Samsung Developer Certificate after you are connected

Once you connect it will show in the Tizen Studio top menu bar and send the watch app to your watch.

Samsung Developer Program