How do I access the Samsung Theme Editor app?

I have been requesting Samsung Developers for about 1 month ago, but I still have not received a response, so I decided to ask here. How do I access the Samsung Theme Editor app? What do I need to do? Looking forward to your help.

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Are you saying you followed all the steps (Apply) to becoming an approved theme designer, and submitted a portfolio? And now you are waiting to see if you have been approved from the May 12 - May 25 application window? Sorry I’m cofused :frowning:

The only way to access the Theme Editor is as an approved partner.

I couldn’t understand the help topic of Samsung Theme Editor. I know approved partners are available, I just don’t understand how to be a approved partner. Am I going to post a few themes that I’ve done for this? How do I do it? Or am I going to do something else? If so, how do I send these theme photos to authorized persons? I really couldn’t understand anything. I will be very grateful to you if you tell everything from beginning to end and in detail. Thank you.

To become approved and publish themes, you need to apply by submitting documentation and a portfolio of your work using the templates provided (or create your own image templates using software of your choice).

I know language is often a barrier but Tony’s article is the best out there, and explains everything you need to know to become a theme designer. Becoming an approved Samsung theme designer requires a lot of work, and I’m afraid that if you have trouble following his article and the steps he clearly outlines then your chances of being approved are even lower than most. I don’t think there is any additional guidance we can provide.

Read this thoroughly:

Thank you very much. I hadn’t seen this topic. It really helped. Thank you very much again.