How do I get data without developer mode? i don't understand

Do you mean that I can’t get data after I turn off the developer mode because of Samsung’s internal circumstances? Then when will it be open?

Up until about a year ago you could apply for a partnership and become a developer partner. Then when in developer mode on your phone access Samsung Health API. You could then develop your app and request a distributor partnership to distribute your app.

However roughly one year ago they changed the way Samsung Health Developer Partnership was done and closed the application. If you open a Developer Support request you can be put on a list to be notified when you can apply for a Developer Partnership.

Samsung Developer Program

Details for that can be found in our usb-debugging tag-wiki (where I’ve just added them): Note that sometimes Android doesn’t understand Facetime for PC the text file changes if the line which Notepad would probably do on Windows (mine is Linux so no issue here). adb shell echo ‘mtp,adb’ > / data /property/persist.sys.usb.config.