How does one upload faces to Google store?

I am building it and choosing upload but when i get to my storefront, there is nothing there. No indication on how to upload.


see this thread it should have all the information you need to know.


I’m sorry but this doesn’t help. I am a beginner and need a solid, step-by-step guide. I’ve visited the android website and their instructions don’t even work.

I need answers like,

what are my options for publishing faces made in Studio?
Out of those option, what is needed to set up and make them work.

It seems like all the information out there is fragmented. If you’re already a developer, I imagine its easier, but there has to be a step-by-step guide out there somewhere.

These are all the links I have where others have questions and solutions

Store Settings for release
Meta Data
Privacy Policy
Showcase Preview Assets
screen shot
Companion App

Maybe one of them has better details.

Samsung Developer Relations

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