How i can install official firmware in may watch if it stop run in samsung logo

I use ADB APP CONTROL to delete some offical apps.But I am afraid that this will lead to a serious error and the watch will stop working on the Samsung logo … How can I re-install the firmware to the watch with such a problem.

You can simply Add new device to the Watch that does a factory reset.
Open Settings
Scroll clear to the bottom, about Watch, scroll to the bottom there is a Reset there.
or you can do it from the Samsung Wearable App same settings about watch reset.

If you screw it up so much that you can’t even do that. Hold down both buttons for about a minute and a menu will pop up that allows you to factory reset it.

Finally if that doesn’t work you need to send it in to a service center.

Samsung Developer Relations

This procedure is valid when the watch is in the normal operating mode … I mean if the operating system is broken and the watch works with the Samsung logo only

If you can’t even get to the menu for a Factory Reset then you will need to send it to a Samsung Service center. There is a way to reinstall the software but I can’t tell you how to do it.

Samsung Developer Relations