How to Connect Watch Face Studio with Galaxy Watches Running Wear OS?

Are you a Watch face designer and facing issues to connect your WFS with your Galaxy Watches running Wear OS?
Then, this tutorial is for you. It describes the detail about how to connect the Galaxy Watch running wear OS to WFS over Wi-Fi and run the project. You will also learn the connection process via Wi-Fi through the ADB shell command.

Shamima Nasrin
Samsung Developer Program Team


Finally a blog on this. Compare to my guide its much better.

More blog like this should be created

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quick question, do i need to disable the blue tooth connection between my watch and my phone before i get started? or is that just disabling the debug through blue tooth?
i’ve had few issues connecting my watch to wfs but it does sometimes get a bit wonky where it’ll disconnect in the middle of running or disconnect once it’s finished.

Hi, just disabled bluetooth connection or put watch on charger.

thanks. i knew putting the watch on the charger helped. i did not know i had to disable the bluetooth though.

Hi either or will do. Btw

Thank You so much for post the how to on connecting my new galaxy 6 classic watch. It’s been driving crazy trying to connect it.

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Hi All - I originally connected watch nicely. Now, days later, it pushes to watch but 'Run on Device" icon just spins forever… Any ideas?

Could you please try to restart your watch and the computer? If the issue remains you can create a support request with the WFS version, watch software version and an image of the issue.