How some watchfaces are free for limited time?

Hi folks,
I have seen many of you make the watchfaces free for limited time?
I tried but could not find any way to make that happen,
If I make a paid app free, app store console warns that you cant make it paid again.
So Im kind of dont want to try that

Any pointers?


Hi Niranjan,

Its very simple. You just have to create a sales for that specific watchface and keep price 0 for sale :slightly_smiling_face:

This is done in Google Play Console when you are on the watchface for which you want to make sale. Sale can be half price or any you like .

For making it free for limited time you select price to 0. And when filling date you can put number of days from 1 to a maximum of 8 days.

Making a sale again of same face requires 1 month gap condotion.

See my screenshots . You will know which tab you have to get into to create Sales.

Thanks a ton for detailed response.

I tried that but somehow for some countries (more than 5) it’s say minimum price required. So looks like I need to make it zero for limited countries?


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nope you can set 0 price sales for all countries. if your price doesnot include taxes

if you have excluded taxes from your price and you are trying discounted price lets say for example

your watchface price is Rs 200 without taxes
and you make 0 for all countries there will not be issue.

and if your prices include taxes and is Rs 200
then you wont be able to go to 0

because every country has different minimum tax values and you have to follow that.

My prices exclude taxes so when i set price to 0 it means that in those countries where taxes are charged
even if i set price to 0 then the customer price in that country will be 0 plus tax from his country in that way there will be no problem in setting it to 0 :slightly_smiling_face:.

In play store price is shown without taxes and your watchface will show 0 price.

And it will be 0 in those countries also where there are no taxes.

Taxes charge is if your watchface app price includes taxes you cant set 0 price.

i hope i explained it feel free to ask if any doubts.

To further clarify with images and examples.

  1. Create a payment template without taxes see screenshot attached. make it without taxes.
    remember you cannot edit old price template
    as per my knowledge and experience.

2 Set price to 0.
3. create sales
4. check my screenshots i just created a price template without tax first then linked my watchface to it
5 then created sales.

Thanks for detailed guidelines… Yes I believe taxes was the issue.
I tried on other and it worked like charm…

Thanks a ton…


Thanks for your kind reply…

Yeah I was talking about Google playstore. I don’t use Facer or any other store.

Appreciate you taking time to respond :pray:.