Where to Distribute new Watch 4 watch face

Hi I have developed and sold watch faces through GWS for a while now and I do that through the seller portal. Today I downloaded the Watch Face Studio and designed my first watch face. After building it I went to upload it to through the program and it takes me to a different portal and asks me to create a developer account.

I contacted support and they say that only China can get the new watch faces for Watch 4.
Can someone please explain how and where I am supposed to upload the face for sale in all countries.
thanks in advance

Watchfaces for GW4 are sold via the Google Playstore.You have to create a developer account for the Google Playstore.

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Ok thank you. Appreciate the clarification.

Is there a detailed guide to the process to upload the face to the console?

Not that I’ve been able to find. It’s very disappointing.

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The google console is a disaster, as messy as your store and as complicated as possible, each part of help opens up more confusing documentation and you don’t see any step-by-step guide to the process

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