How to add arc complications?

I want to create a ranged value complication that is an Arc. But the slot bound remains a circle. I am attaching an image where a watch face from play store has similar Arcs.

play around with the properties of the progress bar as in the circled settings.

U can also arc the text , by the text properties

The slot bound remains as circle

hi, its the best we can do with wfs. but when you display it will be as you shape it.
don;t think you can change the slot bound.

but to me as long looks the way i want its ok already?

If you use a Large Box complication slot and set the properties of the progress bar to be a circular one instead of Linear one you will have the square slot bound instead of a circular one.

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Ok, but what about the arcs that are like at the left and right of the above screenshot?
Can we do that?

Are they customizable if so you need to move things around in the layout so they are at the edges
Especially the slot bound mask.
Set the complication type as Ranged Value and deselect all others
click on the progress bar and set it to circular type
go down to the range start at zero and end at 180 for the right one start at 180 and end at 360 for the left one.

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I’ll tell you right now. You won’t be able to do it from Watch Face Studio.

That particular watchface is made from Android Studio, using the full features offered by the Watch Face Format.

Unlike Watch Face Studio, Android Studio allows you to freely shape the complications area, for every type of complication.

Whether that feature will be added later or not, remains to be seen.

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I’ve been pulling the WFF file from WFS and doing some experimenting. I believe @amoledwatchfaces has also done some playing around with this very topic and had some images posted that seemed to show something similar to what the OP is looking for, but I can’t be sure.

I understand what you’re referring to in AS, I thought the new WFF made the old Android Kotlin/Java coding a little less difficult? I haven’t made too much progress with WFF yet for lack of time, so far I’ve just figured out how to find the xml and pull it out of a Watch Face Studio APK and throw it into an editor to look around a bit.

It looks promising, a little cumbersome right now but it’s not difficult.

If you want to make sure the slot bound is as in your picture the answer is no. Slot bound are boundaries for the image and text and clickable area. If i am not wrong. Which as answered already by @kswatch07 the shape can only be change with other tools.

But the resulting text and progress bar can be shaped to what u want. (Arc)

To me i wouldn’t be to concern on slot bound unless it crops my resulting image. I will work around the problem i just arc my complication text and progress bar within a rectangular slot bond and rotate the complication vertically

The next event slot bound is rectangular not arc…but final image is arced


The best i could do

I see, I hope they add this in the next update.

This may be a Watch Face Format issue, if it is then WFS can’t do nothing about it.

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According to the developer it is created in Watch Face Format.

I guess I didn’t understand what you wanted. What feature do you want added exactly ?

@amoledwatchfaces uses watch face studio

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I would like to have the ability to customise the shape of the complication’s slot bound. As seen in the above face there are two complications at the left and right side which are shaped like an arc.


@amoledwatchfaces uses Watch Face Studio I imagine he just removed the slot bound mask. He may want to comment.

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@r.liechty_SDR the progress bar in my design suppose to have a curve but it ends gets crops buy the selector by the way… no matter how i adjust it curving.

Additionally in wff there is ability to create a bounding arc complication

So its possible to add it to watch face studio in furture? Going to add this to 2024 feature list

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The ends of progress bar look cropped in watch face studio if it is not complete circle. But it looks fine on the watch.

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That good…my looks crop on the watch also…maybe i adjust wrongly

@r.liechty_SDR looking at @amoledwatchfaces new faces, i think he used wff from ground up instead of wfs. As his new faces has wff option not provided by wfs.

E.g boolean configuration, list configuration