Make progress bar changeable

Can the progress bar be made to change its value, to be selectable as complication? The user to be able to change the same progress bar upon his desire, I saw some stock watch faces have that option.
thank you

Hi, if u use range value complication slot (circle or line) it will be interchange progress bar base on complication

Thanks for the reply, I tried using just progressbar complication, but that one is fixed, I managed to use changable by using circle complication, and there is progress circle inside. It works ok, but again on he watch for circle use you have only steps and battery, the other ones have no sense for circle progress

explain doesnt make sense or why its not what you want.

because changeable progress bar is by the complication slot. the fixed progress bar is for fixed wfs designer custom complication.

any way tried Tried large box complication? it also has progress bar.

The issue is that the factory watch faces may have access to data that is not publicly available such as weather information.

There may be a way to get the progress bar you want as a developer created progress bar instead of a ranged value complication.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, I tried, but again…you can only change the circle progress bar only to steps and power, and I already got both of them on my watch face. So no point of making it changable :slight_smile:

@mikich_blaz Nope u are wrong…there is chance of rain, and uv index, and water


But to be honest most users would only change or swap between step and battery, i can think of any other situation u will need to change the progress bar too? Can u give example? Of what u thinking to change too?

Here is my example, and I know those can be added, but my issue was for this kind of progress circular bars :slight_smile:

Hi, make the compilation bigger.:slight_smile:

Anyway what the fire :fire: complication ?
And use progress bar ony complication

But that might block the slot bonds

The fire is calories :slight_smile:
I published this one like this, but the advices will be useful for future watch faces. Thank you for your advices

Anyway i guessing the faces u see that allows u to do what you want. Is done by coding tools like android studio. Not wfs

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I think he is referring to the factory installed tools where the items are assured to exist, or they are created by a 3rd party watch face app that can get the information from the companion app.


@mikich_blaz is that watch face your design? And done by wfs?

As i remembered there is no tag expressions for calories in wfs?

Yes, that is mine made in WFS, I used custom formula which is bit offset

(numberFormat(“###”, ([SC]*0.048)))

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Using steps count , i see

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