Watch Face Format ⌚ What's possible?

So I’ve been playing a bit with watch face created directly using new Watch Face Format.

What can be added to the WFS in the future? Watch:

1. COMPLICATION SLOTS - BoundingRoundBox and BoundingArc

Yes, it’s definitely possible to convert any complication slot to any shape, here in the example, Small Box was converted to BoundingRoundBox and it contains RANGED_VALUE alongside SHORT_TEXT types
From this: <BoundingBox x="0" y="0" width="120" height="120"/>
To this: <BoundingRoundBox x="0" y="0" width="120" height="120" cornerRadius="10f"/>

BoundingArc? Definitely possible - see upper and bottom complications, these were converted from Small Box too

                centerX="199f" centerY="-61f"
                width="450.0f" height="450.0f"
                startAngle="240f" endAngle="120f"

Notice round boxes of the Small Box complication slots :wink:

2. PHOTO / LARGE IMAGE COMPLICATION - It was assumed that there are not many complication providers for this type of complications. So, small test

    <ComplicationSlot slotId="0" displayName="PHOTO_COMP" isCustomizable="TRUE" supportedTypes="LARGE_IMAGE PHOTO_IMAGE " x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" pivotX="0.5" pivotY="0.5" name="PHOTO_COMP_0" alpha="255">
        <Variant mode="AMBIENT" target="alpha" value="0"/>
        <DefaultProviderPolicy defaultSystemProvider="EMPTY" defaultSystemProviderType="LARGE_IMAGE"/>

        <BoundingOval x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" />

        <Complication type="PHOTO_IMAGE">
            <PartImage x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" pivotX="0.5" pivotY="0.5" name="Image_b9f1" alpha="255">
                <Image resource="[COMPLICATION.PHOTO_IMAGE]"/>
            <PartImage x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" pivotX="0.5" pivotY="0.5" name="Shadow_6480" alpha="255">
                <Variant mode="AMBIENT" target="alpha" value="0"/>
                <Image resource="wfs_bg_a2a483ab_7510_44f8_8b0e_7a8eb49204d3"/>

It was necessary to add both complication types to supportedType = LARGE_IMAGE PHOTO_IMAGE

Result? Alongside other 3rd party Photo Image complication providers there is one - BUILT IN! called Media Controller, and it shows now Playing album cover, funny. (Galaxy Watch 4/ Watch6 - Wear OS 4)


Yes, WFF allows developer to add simple switch (toggle) BooleanConfiguration (no more ugly masking, hiding elements or other performance-cost workarounds!)

<BooleanConfiguration id="boolean_test_v1" displayName="ID_SEC_INDICATOR_BOOL" icon="style_wfs_bigjpg_4x_art_none_s2_ed061365_27a9_428b_9116_d691f456fdeb"
                screenReaderText="string" defaultValue="TRUE" />

On watch, there are two dots for TRUE / FALSE, so I’m adding screenshots from wearable app customization too

I’ll add more findings later. This just shows what can / should be added to WFS in the future :slight_smile:

@catherina00 @sinjae @r.liechty_SDP


This! As mentioned in every second post of mine, I really wish for support of all UserConfigurations:

  1. BooleanConfiguration
  2. ColorConfiguration
  3. ListConfiguration

Without configuration support there is little to no customization possible in Watch Face Studio.

E.g. ColorConfiguration has limited support right now: you can have a single ColorConfiguration only and there is no support for localization (every color is named “1. Color, 2. Color, 3. Color” and so on).

Maybe there will be a WFS release that support these later this year? :slight_smile:


*Rubbing small hands

Looks like my programming knowledge is about to pay off. I could use this to remove the dreaded circle shapes, back into boxes.

When i am free…see if i figure out how to use android studio to ehance my current watch face

Hmm so request a feature that you can add a plugin into wfs which open up watch face format editor or something…for more experienced developer