Watch Face Format ⌚ What's possible?

So I’ve been playing a bit with watch face created directly using new Watch Face Format.

What can be added to the WFS in the future? Watch:

1. COMPLICATION SLOTS - BoundingRoundBox and BoundingArc

Yes, it’s definitely possible to convert any complication slot to any shape, here in the example, Small Box was converted to BoundingRoundBox and it contains RANGED_VALUE alongside SHORT_TEXT types
From this: <BoundingBox x="0" y="0" width="120" height="120"/>
To this: <BoundingRoundBox x="0" y="0" width="120" height="120" cornerRadius="10f"/>

BoundingArc? Definitely possible - see upper and bottom complications, these were converted from Small Box too

                centerX="199f" centerY="-61f"
                width="450.0f" height="450.0f"
                startAngle="240f" endAngle="120f"

Notice round boxes of the Small Box complication slots :wink:

2. PHOTO / LARGE IMAGE COMPLICATION - It was assumed that there are not many complication providers for this type of complications. So, small test

    <ComplicationSlot slotId="0" displayName="PHOTO_COMP" isCustomizable="TRUE" supportedTypes="LARGE_IMAGE PHOTO_IMAGE " x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" pivotX="0.5" pivotY="0.5" name="PHOTO_COMP_0" alpha="255">
        <Variant mode="AMBIENT" target="alpha" value="0"/>
        <DefaultProviderPolicy defaultSystemProvider="EMPTY" defaultSystemProviderType="LARGE_IMAGE"/>

        <BoundingOval x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" />

        <Complication type="PHOTO_IMAGE">
            <PartImage x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" pivotX="0.5" pivotY="0.5" name="Image_b9f1" alpha="255">
                <Image resource="[COMPLICATION.PHOTO_IMAGE]"/>
            <PartImage x="0" y="0" width="450" height="450" pivotX="0.5" pivotY="0.5" name="Shadow_6480" alpha="255">
                <Variant mode="AMBIENT" target="alpha" value="0"/>
                <Image resource="wfs_bg_a2a483ab_7510_44f8_8b0e_7a8eb49204d3"/>

It was necessary to add both complication types to supportedType = LARGE_IMAGE PHOTO_IMAGE

Result? Alongside other 3rd party Photo Image complication providers there is one - BUILT IN! called Media Controller, and it shows now Playing album cover, funny. (Galaxy Watch 4/ Watch6 - Wear OS 4)


Yes, WFF allows developer to add simple switch (toggle) BooleanConfiguration (no more ugly masking, hiding elements or other performance-cost workarounds!)

<BooleanConfiguration id="boolean_test_v1" displayName="ID_SEC_INDICATOR_BOOL" icon="style_wfs_bigjpg_4x_art_none_s2_ed061365_27a9_428b_9116_d691f456fdeb"
                screenReaderText="string" defaultValue="TRUE" />

On watch, there are two dots for TRUE / FALSE, so I’m adding screenshots from wearable app customization too

I’ll add more findings later. This just shows what can / should be added to WFS in the future :slight_smile:

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This! As mentioned in every second post of mine, I really wish for support of all UserConfigurations:

  1. BooleanConfiguration
  2. ColorConfiguration
  3. ListConfiguration

Without configuration support there is little to no customization possible in Watch Face Studio.

E.g. ColorConfiguration has limited support right now: you can have a single ColorConfiguration only and there is no support for localization (every color is named “1. Color, 2. Color, 3. Color” and so on).

Maybe there will be a WFS release that support these later this year? :slight_smile:


*Rubbing small hands

Looks like my programming knowledge is about to pay off. I could use this to remove the dreaded circle shapes, back into boxes.

When i am free…see if i figure out how to use android studio to ehance my current watch face

Hmm so request a feature that you can add a plugin into wfs which open up watch face format editor or something…for more experienced developer

I’d like to use a third party app (e.g. Tasker) to change a variable in WFF that can trigger a style change in the Watchface. The use case is for example to have the Watchface respond differently to different types of notifications received (on the phone).

Is this possible? I tried exploring changing Custom/Secure settings to change Tags on WFF, but the only Tag/variable that worked was the AM/PM setting. Unfortunately it had a long lag and would update only when the Watchface was active in the foreground, when the screen was on or touched.

Hope there are others who can share their experience as I’m coming up short … I know this can be achieved with Android Studio, but I would love to use WFF for the best impact on battery life

How can I make the dial display the phone’s charge level?