How to align icon and text side by side similar to Digital Dashboard

How can I align icon and text/title side by side similar to the Digital Dashboard watch face from Samsung.


In the above screenshots, you can see on the bottom right complication, that the icon for calendar and compass are aligned depending on the complication chosen.

But I can’t find any option to align them. Only place the icon on a spot and it stays there! An it looks ugly too! How can I achieve the same result as in Digital Dashboard.


Hi @sans you need to do separately two things.
First, For alarm icon keep it like an image and place it center, say on number 6 position. See on the main example, heart icon, battery icon all are in center.
Second, create a text field, from properties tick on curved text, in text field place your desired formula, and from text appearance make it center or right alignment. Hope the purpose solved.

I can explain it a bit more.

You can see in the below image, when choosing the complication on the Digital Dashboard, we have a good separation inside blue color
But when choosing the complication I made, its different.

This is the settings I am using in the Line Complication.

This is the title settings

This is the text settings

This is the icon settings

What I am trying to get is an effect when switching between complications, I want the content inside the complication, that is the icon, title and text to be aligned dynamically as possible in the Digital Dashboard. But I my design is static, I can change the complication type, but alignment is always static.

I tried this as an example. You need to adjust individually all of them, dont adjust all complication together. Here first i have select icon and adjust it on center position. Then select text (input this is temperature) and applied curved text and then adjustted the white color dot point to set it on watch face outline border. And then work on Title text separately - set title on right alignment and adjusted the dot point for curved shape.