How to calculate instantaneous and average speed?


Despite several hours of research, I cannot find any information on how to calculate instantaneous and/or average speed to display in my watch face designs in Watch Face Studio. I was able to do this in Tizen fairly easily, but cannot figure it out in watch Face studio. I’ve tried using [sp] tag and script below, but without success …

*var_s_stepstook==-1 and ‘Working…’ or math.floor((var_s_stepstook/22)100)/100 … 'km/h

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Watch Face Studio does not include any storage variables for this type of issue. It expects you to open a complication that would show this.

You can use Android Studio to create a Watch Face that has this.
Better still you can use Android Studio to create a complication that does this and then any watch that has installed your complication can use that in other watch faces.

Samsung Developer Relations

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