How to change Email ID in Samsung Seller account

Please contact us with the information below:
-Related Content name and Content ID: 000005729270
-The review report: Application uses copyrighted materials without permission owned by a third party.
-The screenshots of the related issue:
-Other useful information: My app was rejected stating that it belongs to someone else. But the fact is that the other account (on the Google Play store) belongs to me, but with a different Email ID (
Please help me resolve the issue by telling me how to prove that I have the ownership to the other account as well.

Also, I would like to change my Email address here to the one on Google Play store ( Please help me to change it.

I believe (but check with the seller portal that the easiest way is to just create a new account using the address. If you have content already in the store you can move it to the new account or continue to have two accounts.

If you are a commercial seller there are restrictions to changing your seller information you need to open a 1:1 Enquiry in the seller portal for that.

If you use the </> formatting around your email address it will not be a clickable link.

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How much time will it take for my applications to show up on the new account if I transfer them there from this account?

I think it is minutes, they never are not for sale it is an option available in the Seller Portal. Again read the guides and it doesn’t hurt to check with Seller support to be sure.

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