How to check my app ratings?


I’m new to the Galaxy Store. My question is how to check my theme/watchface ratings?
I can see there is statistics and it show me the ratings volume
But I can’t see how many stars my app got…unless if they wrote a comment

And I can see my app on Galaxy store but its shows the ratings only in my region

So how can I see my app ratings globally?

No way to see on the portal that I know of. On the app store, I believe the rating is global, but the comments are country specific.

You can always download the spreadsheet of comments from the portal and calculate the star ratings, but it’s laborious.

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Silly me I was checking my seller portal on a tablet which shows me a mobile version of the web page…but opened it on PC or desktop version and now I can see there is ratings section on STATISTICS and can show the average ratings globally

And for the app store the comments as well as the ratings is country specific

I checked different regions using VPN…and the ratings was different in each country from 5 to 0 stars

That’s for WATCH APPS/FACES…I don’t know about THEMES or APPS