Rating & reviews!

Why are comments and rating reviews not appearing in my store?

Ratings are global, but you can only see comments in the store from your own country. On the portal you can see all comments, but a customer can leave a rating without leaving a comment.

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I don’t see comments and rating in my store like this

I thought you were recently approved? Those comments are from months ago?

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Yes , I mean that the comments and ratings I see only on the seller portal and not on the my store like this store

Your seller account is in Jordan so you can only see comments on the store left by people who live in Jordan.

For example, if someone in the USA leaves a comment you can only see it in the portal you cannot see it in the app store.

I may not be understanding your meaning, sorry?

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Yes, that’s right, because the comments are from outside Jordan, so I can’t see them now. I understand now . Thank you​:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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