See if app is in charts

It would be really awesome to see if some of our apps is in the Galaxy App Charts. (For example I have an Keyboard which is just avaible at france and I don´t know if it is popular or not, I just see the downloads from france…)
And it would be really awesome if we could see it seperatly for every countrie…

You can easily check a spacific app/theme downloads by clicking on “go Statistics” button under app name in Applications tab.
Upon clicking on button a new window will open then select Sales Report menu》Buyers, from here you can check lot of things including country specific downloads.

Yeah I already had known this… But I mean to see in which position it is in the TOP 100 free/paid apps etc… you know what I mean?
Because many of my apps like GearKeyboard: Lite have over 40.000 downloads just from the USA and I would like to know if it is in the TOP 10 free apps etc… :slight_smile:

Until last month you could do that using the Remote Galaxy Store, however that service has been terminated for several reasons. If you have an unlocked device for testing you can use an expired Sim card from various countries to access the local stores using the internet. I believe you can get a US SIM card from Amazon fairly cheap if the US is your main concern.

Samsung Developer Program is creating a guide on how to VPN or use an expired SIM card to access local Galaxy Stores.

Samsung Developer Program

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Hi @chr1580856283
@r.liechty_SDP explained it very well.

Hi Ron, Im just curious, could you name some of the reasons if they are not confidential?
As for the US store, would it not be easier to just open galaxy store on some of the US stationed remote test lab devices? Yet this way can only be displayed stores for Korea, India, Poland and US.

You can use the Remote Test Lab they are paired with watch devices and do show the Galaxy Store. My experience is that the image that is on my computer is not clear and I couldn’t decipher prices and it is slow.
That the Remote Galaxy Store needed constant attention was the main reason. Some linking issues with the new Developer dashboard caused it to be earlier than planned.

Samsung Developer Program