How to connect my GW4 to that POC WFS. Nothing works :-(


ive already wasted so many hours of my lifetime to get my new GW 4 connected to that piece of cr*p software - but nothing works.

I am an advanced user, have created some sophisticated and nice WF, and connection between my old GW and GWS works fine for more than one year!!

Ive done all settings, developer mode, ip address…reboot, aso aso aso . But that crappy software doesnt even start a scan when you push the “scan devices” button. In my router the watch 4 is recognised with IP but even when i manually enter that number in WFS nothing happens. Also on a second PC, the same epic-fail by that crap software - not able to connect - nothing happens when you start the scan or enter the IP address manually - If i dont get that watch connected to WFS ill return the watch back to Amazon!!!

And btw what moron has developed that software in bright light white??? OMFG. Every professional developer tool has a dark mode, also GWS has a dark UI. What idiot is designing that app in eye cancer white??? Can only be done by a guy that never, really NEVER uses his POC himself mega-facepalm

Sooo please: the most important for the next WFS update is: DARK MODE/THEME/UI !!!

The WFS is a huge downgrade to GWS. How can this be??? Its a real mystery to my that Samsung releases a POC software a way more worse than the previous version. facepalm

Why isnt there a perfect step by step tutorial (video) how to do the connection???

I’m sorry you didn’t come to the discussion sooner. It is a bug in WFS 1.0.12 !!!
first time you run on device it connects but won’t show
Shut down WFS and restart
Run on Device again and your GW4 will show.

Unfortunately if you shut down the computer you have the same issue.

If this doesn’t work for you let me know and I’ll give you step by step instructions.

I think you are spot on with the Dark Mode.

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no matter how often i restart the WFS the watch wont be shown. it even doesnt start a scan, like it does in old GWS.

Th watches developer options are activated ADB debugging is on, an d i have an IP adresse, which is also shown on the routers home-network summary. only in WFS it doesnt appear :frowning:

i think i ll need that.

You have to run adb.exe in admin mode… see

good luck


@ tremal832
That really worked!!! I am thrilled!! Thank You Sir!!!

How to know THAT??? facepalm :see_no_evil: :man_facepalming: … and why isnt that doing the app when i manually enter the IP??? Maybe you have to start WFS as an admin? :thinking:

You should not have to do that.
Actually when you set the debugging in Watch Settings it will connect and show the connection it takes a few seconds to a minute to show the connection. If you don’t see that on your watch you haven’t set developer options issue.
It will pop up a message asking to allow Debugging either when you try to run on device if you have the IP address entered. You do not need to add the port information

The only other designers that I have seen failed to connect forgot they have a firewall or were in VPN mode.

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Humm… i make it all the time… i authorize the adb in developer mode as you say but…

i try now and it would not show the watch, i wait 5 min (more than few second) before closing WFS, make “abd.exe connect 192…” as admin and reopen WFS and then, only then i got my watch. i do not have vpn . So maybe i miss something in the installation of WFS ?

If there is another easy way, i would like to know :slight_smile: thanks

For everyone it does not show on watch click on the plus. If your IP address is there close WFS and start it again. NO need to run as admin just restarting WFS and select Run on Device again and it starts loading.

If you have to run as admin there is something weird.

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