How to develop and debug using emulators?

Here is my environment. I have an application on Android which is supposed to listen for requests and send responses. I have an application on Tizen Wearable which will send those requests. When the applications are installed on the real devices everything works, they communicate over Bluetooth, everything is great. However using real devices take much longer that emulators. I used to use Android and Tizen Wearable emulators all the time until this moment when I need to develop and debug communication part. Is it possible to setup the emulators and the Galaxy Accessory library such way to run everything on the emulators and debug the communication. Of course, it won’t go through the actual Bluetooth channel but I don’t care about the transport channel, I need to debug the communication logic without using the real devices.

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Hello kuc1597989013,
You may check this link. It provides a detail guidance about how to test SAP in emulator environment.

Thank you.

We have to make an addition that this works only until Tizen version3.0.

Which makes me laugh as there was Tizen 4.0, Tizen 5.0, Tizen 5.5 and now Tizen 6.0, and if you want to use emulator for development (why wouldn’t you want - much faster than real device), you’ll most probably have to go back to Tizen3.0, and believe me your newer softwares will not work the same as you would expect them.

I’ve managed to run sap on Emulator 5.5, and the phone companion stuff shows it as “Connected”, but Watch application gets access denied error when trying to use the sap functionality (not when trying to connect, just when initializing some sap structure).

@ssaha: if you need more information let me know I can provide.