How to enroll a new QBB Quantum Processor 4K Signage


We purchased a QBB Quantum Processor 4K Signage TV and we just want to be able to add them into a single central management system to upgrade them or manage config. How do I enroll the device and where so that I Can manage the TV?

I looked into Tizen Manager but it seems it’s something that is done from seller? can I not do it myself?

Any help would be apprecaited.

Signage TV’s have entirely different permissions and such than normal TVs I think you need to ask this in the Smart TV Seller Office Q&A

If they can’t answer hopefully they can redirect you to the right place.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks a lot. we asked our seller for a TV that we can use in a meeting room to use MIRACAST to let users mirror their phone/PC screen to present stuff, and then suggested the QBB version :slight_smile: not sure why. I think the regular smart screens would have worked fine.

But it is what it is and now the QBB is what we have. Will give that a try.

NOTE: we wanted a TV that even if turned OFF, a user can see the TV name on phone/pc to cast to it. not sure if Samsung supports that. But if you know, would be great to tell me the model line.


Nothing works when it is turned off. It will work if on Standby :slight_smile: I think it is possible using a Samsung app to turn on and turn off a Samsung TV. (It may need to be on the same WiFi) I don’t know if there are other mobile apps but 3rd party remotes are common.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

I have TVs at home (Sharp with Roku) where even if screen is off (yeah, I guess it’s standby) I can still see the TV name on my phone, then if I Start mirroring, it turns screen on and starts to stream.

so, that is what I was hoping Samsung can do.

Or, at the least, not having the user to have to switch input to the mirroring input. if we use this tv at a common room, users don’t know that much. they just expect to turn tV on and start streaming. it seems that with QBB I have to turn on screen, switch input to mirror then I can cast.


Signage and Hospitality TVs are different you do not want users to be able to use 3rd party apps for obvious reasons.

What you want to happen can on home TV.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron,

That is what I am finding out now. The QBB screens overview mentioned:

Smartview+ which is good for meetings. talks about various meeting options.

so if we use this screen for meetings, I think it’s ok as long as we have to turn screen on and go to Smartview input.

If you have any other idea, let me know.

NOTE: Can teams be run on those TVs?


In the QBB Manual it says:

Not sure where the Tizen Business Manager is… I am also trying the seller website that we sent but not seeing many options there.

Any idea what is the manual talking about?

I believe so but you may want to ask the Samsung Products community

I would recommend you use the Samsung Members App for feedback
go to and depending on your location
either → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under support is a link to the community

If that is of no use I can ask the Smart TV Development team


hi Ron,
unfortunatly I didn’t find any forum for TVs in the member’s area. I also tried called Samsung support and after punting me back and forth between agents, they hung up on me :slight_smile:

IF you can help to get me in touch with any one who might know how to manage those QBB series screens centrally, that would be great.

As per the product page:

How do I manage, push config and setup this TV and then add more?


I was able to find a website:

Organization List | Tizen Business Manager (

where I registered a new organization but it awaits approval, not sure from who! didn’t get any email. Does anyone know who do I contact for this site?


I think I found where you need to go for support.

Samsung Business Support. It has information on Displays and Signage for businesses

Samsung Developer Relations

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I have the same problem. Did you find a solution or maybe you know who needs to accept the status in portal?

instructions said to email ‘’.

I did but no reply yet. about a week now.