Moon phase watch face studio

Hello everyone, I’m a new developer and have already studied this application enough, but so far I can’t figure out how to make moon phases for my watch face? I use watch5 and I have a watch face in the base watch faces that has these phases, and it can be replaced with another indicator, for example, for the pulse, and therefore it looks like the phases of the moon can be added to your watch face quite simply . Tell me, is this so and how can it be done?

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Watch Face Studio training for TAGs is on THIS PAGE

A good Tutorial is this BLOG while it is for Galaxy Watch Studio and has slightly different tags it is a good tutorial and you can adapt it very easily.

Hope this helps

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I use this to rotate two images behind a classic Moon Phase Mask .
You can Conversely use the Formula to cover the Moon with a Shadow Disc. That is also a Classic Device .


I have a 28 Image Moon Phase Gadget but there are a lot of resources and code there for each of the 28 Layers . If you are interested in that I could post them in a Zipped folder .

I also have a Moon On a Stick to complement the Sun on a Stick .


I am working on a Raster Moon Grid . 4X7 . Which appears behind a circular mask . I have the Formula Working but need to set the Images to the grid .
You could finish that off.

Have fun .