How to extend the validity of the certificate for smart TV?

Hi Team,

we used one author certificate (author.p12) file and distributor (distributor.p12) certificate for the development and distribute the smart tv tizen web app.

With the old certificate we release the 5 version to the store successfully and users are using our app.

recently that certificate becomes invalid, how can we extend the validity of the certificate?

see the certificate manager screenshot.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The Distributor Certificate is only for your personal testing and can be replaced with a new one with no problems.

The author certificate may be expired or not Do Not Replace it with a new Certificate or you will not be able to maintain your app.

For some content there is a expiration certificate but I don’t know if the TV store checks it. You might want to check with the TV Seller Store if no one else replies.

Here is how to update a Wearable Author’s Certificate

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