How to install Tizen emulator on Ubuntu v22.03


I want to install the Tizen studio with the emulator on Ubuntu v22.03 and run the app. Kindly assist.


**If this documentation i**sn’t useful can you please explain what your particular Issue is and if you are using CLI or Tizen Studio directly.

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Hi Ron,

I followed the same process that is mentioned in the documentation. I am using Tizen Studio directly. When I try to run the app by choosing Run as → Tizen web application from the menu it launches the build process and freezes in 31%. I waited for hours for the build process to complete but no luck. Please let me know how long it takes to run the build on the emulator.


If it is not building I don’t think it has anything to do with the emulator. What does it say in the build console?
Or are you doing this with command line check the tizen site to see how to get a log for that?

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