How to make a complication as such in "My photo+"


I have a hard time finding how to make complication such as in “My photo+” as shown below in the photo.

As you can see in the highlighted part of the photo, the curved complication can be correlated with vast amount of features.

However I could not find any features related to this complication in “Watch Face Studio” or “Galaxy Watch Studio”,
nor could i find any given complication tools that has as much amount of features available to it.

Perhaps… there other tools that I can use besides WFS or GWS?

Hoping I might have just missed how to make this feature, I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

Thank you.

I see what you are saying and it is not yet supported in WFS. I believe you will have to wait for the next release of WFS to do this or use Android Studio. I believe WFS will have a new version this spring.

Right now the closest thing you can do is make a monochromatic image and those launch an app.

Samsung Developer Relations