Light Glare for Watch Face

I have d/l the Watch Face Studio and am looking for the light glare to add to my watches. Has it been moved or deleted? If so, how would I go about creating another one or copying one from a previous watch face I have created?

JC Willette

Effects are no longer included

Create a new GWS project add only the light effects complication rename it from image to light effect
save the project

Open the WFS project
From the Pancake menu
Import GWD resource
select the GWD file
poof it appears in your WFS project

Note if you something with many resources images and such they will also be included

Samsung Developer Relations

I have the same issue. Unfortunately I had to reset my watch and I lost my old designed watchface. Now in the new version I can’t find that glow/glare that was anitmated when I tilted my wrist.

I don’t understand what you mean with ‘add only the light effects complication’. Where do you find the light effects since they aren ot there?

I snagged one off an old design…but when on the wrist nor all the backgrounds are visible…

I did a work around to sumilate a similiar effect.

I use photoshop to create the light effect.
On the background. Then making use of gyro feature to rotate the background

Sumilated effect not exact i know. But with what wfs has to offer i just settle with this

With Galaxy Watch Studio there is a light effect complication that is based on the gyro settings.

GWS complications are not the same as a Wear complication it is pre-designed there are not options for user selection.

You can create a basic watch with just the light complication in GWS and the Import it into Watch Face Studio.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, I managed to extract the light effect image from GWD project.
all you need to do is add the image (will post if permission to is granted, @r.liechty_SDR ?) into WFS and adjust rotation to 15.
and the use gyro feature.

You don’t need permission to post an image or an example project in order to help another designer.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, just incase its copyrighted. anyway

I did some resizing so that in can be used in 450 x 450 wfs face. (20.1 KB)

Ron means: Use Galaxy Watch Studio and save the work. Then import it to Watch Face Studio.

Or You can do these:


Use the image above in Watch Face Studio. I hope you save it as it is. I uploaded Transparent (.png)

Then aply gyro properties as shown in this image.

Edit: Saving .png file I uploaded doesn’t work… You have to get it out of Galaxy Watch Studio…

So, I opened the file in photoshop. Used magic wand and selected the white area, cut and paste into a same size transparent background new file. It worked.

PS: I just realized knightwing already shared the file. Sorry!..:grin: