How to publish an app for the widest range of Galaxy Watch Active 2

I am publishing an app for Active 2, built to work in a standalone setup.
Because it requires no other hardware than the watch itself, i’d like to make it accessible by all active 2 devices on the Galaxy Store.
But if i distribute my app for active 2 WPC, it’s only available for devices who have never been coupled with a phone, and that is not ok.
On the other hand, i could target all mobile-active2 couples in the registration form, but I noticed that all the mobile brands are Samsungs, so what happens in that case if i connect my active 2 to , say, a Google Pixel? Will the Galaxy Store of the watch still display my app, or not?
Is there a way to publish the app to be visible on all Watch Active 2, regardless of the coupled phone?

Is there a reason you are limiting this to Active2 watches? Most all S3 and Galaxy Watches have been updated to Tizen or newer. If you require a Bezel and that is why you aren’t including Active Watch they will also reject Active2 as the user can turn off the Bezel on that.

If your watch app required a companion then you would exclude standalone that is what that option is for.

As far as the Pixel is concerned if there is a Wearable app for it then you should have no problem. It is impossible for Samsung to know and list every vendor’s model.

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Thank you for your kind support.
The release of the app is limited to Active2 for the moment beause that is the device we intend to support right now, maybe in the future we will open to other devices.
Still, I’d like to know how to distribute my app for the widest range of Active 2 setups.
The scenario i am trying to obtain is: any user with a Watch Active 2 can open the Galaxy Store and install the app on his device, regardless of it being coupled or not with a phone.
What options should i check on the devices list?

In the seller store in the Binary settings after uploading

Select all 360 x 360 watches and upload your binary
Selected Devices is a red number saying how many devices are selected it should be 1385 or something like that.
Click on that red number
un-check the select all first thing
Where is says select Device Group Name enter Active 2
Set Sort Device by Name
Now recheck the select all option
hit save
You should now just have the 147 Active 2 combinations for sale.

You can click on the selected devices again to see what was selected.

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Thank you again. This means that the combinations not listed along the 147 mentioned won’t be supported?

It means only the 147 selected will be supported.

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