Assigned Button Tasks

Hello, the tasks that I have assigned to the buttons in the watch interfaces I have designed recently work fine on my watch and Galaxy Watch Studio, but my designs are rejected because they do not work in device tests. Does anyone have a problem with this or have any suggestions for a solution?
App: Galaxy Watch Studio 2.0.0 Beta
Watch: Galaxy Watch Active 2

I suspect it is because you included Gear S2 devices in your selection. You need an older version of (Galaxy Watch Designer 1.6.x) for those.
If that isn’t it, can you upload the rejection message.

The numbers below are not up to date.
When you submit a round watch to the Galaxy Apps store you must select all watches 360 x 360 watches in a group to be tested. However, with Galaxy Watch Designer 1.7 or newer, S2 devices are not supported. This causes This causes a validation error you will get because they test on S2 device and it will not install. Here is what you need to do to rectify the problem.

  1. Go to the “Binary” section of the “Add New Application” web page.
  2. Upload your binaries as usual.
  3. Next to the field “Add More Binary”, click on the number behind “Selected Device(s)”, which should read about 1766 or so.
  4. A dialog window with a large list of hardware combinations shows up. Don’t get confused.
  5. In the search field at the top right enter “Gear S2” - no need to press Enter.
  6. The displayed list now only contains hardware combinations including the S2 watch.
  7. Now uncheck the check box “Select all”.
  8. Despite the message still reads 1452 devices selected", you have in fact deselected all S2 combinations, about 314+
    9.Click the “Save” button at the bottom.
  9. The dialog window closes and your device number(s) should now be down to 1097 or 1084 (if tpk4 only) or so.
  10. Save and then submit

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks, I will try it by following the instructions and let you know the result.

Ok,this is the solution.All my watch faces passed the device tests.Thank you for your help.