Tizen Wearable Application Not Appearing On Non-Samsung Phones In Galaxy Store

I wanted to make a quick post to detail an interesting use case I helped a developer work through, in case anyone else has a similar issue in the future they can hopefully use this as a reference.

I had a report from a seller that although they had submitted their app to the Galaxy Store and had selected all possible device combinations, the application was not appearing on the phones of any non-Samsung Android users with an Active or Active 2 device.

After checking over their submission, I found the cause to be including the following line in the application manifest file:

<feature name="tizen.org/feature/input.rotating_bezel"/>

When submitting to the seller portal, having this line in your manifest file triggers logic that automatically deselects all Active/Active 2 device combinations. While you have the ability to go re-add device combinations including the Active/Active 2 and a Samsung Phone, at the time of writing this post there is no way to re-add the Active/Active 2 with non-Samsung Android phones not in the device list. Removing this line from the manifest file allowed the application to be discovered on non-Samsung phones paired with an Active or Active 2.

So if you have any reports from users being unable to find your application on specific phone model or device type, I would suggest checking the manifest file to be sure you aren’t automatically excluding any device types within your submission.

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