Allow Galaxy Watches to be paired with tablets

I recently purchased a Galaxy Watch 4, after being advised by Samsung that it would pair with my Samsung tablet. After trying all manner of recommendations, the watch still will not pair with the tablet and will not function properly.

For users like myself, who do not have a compatible Samsung phone with which to pair a Galaxy Watch to,
it would be very useful to have the ability to pair it to a compatible tablet, or any other Samsung device that meets the minimum software/hardware requirements.

That is correct you can only pair a smart watch with a Mobile device. I’m sorry you got bad information about the tablet. You do not need a Samsung mobile phone most Android or iOS phones will work you just need to download the wearable app to those devices.

Since this is a end product question it will be removed shortly but if you need any additional information on pairing your device to a non-Samsung phone I’ll try to help.

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Thank you for your reply, however I must urge you to leave this post open.

I am a developer wanting to make an app for the Galaxy Watch 4, and I cannot do this thanks to these limitations.

I truly believe that support for tablets would greatly benefit many developers such as myself, who either find a tablet more comfortable to work on, or who simply do not have a compatible phone.


I’ll leave the thread open but…

Both Android Studio and Watch Face Studio require Windows (or for WFS macOS). Neither will run on an Android device so you can’t make an App for Galaxy Watch4 with a tablet.
But there is no need to have any mobile phone to run an App from Watch Face Studio on your Watch for testing.

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