I have added my phone case app to the Google play store but how to set up with my Samsung account?

I have already published my phone case maker app on Google Play Store and now i want to publish it on Samsung store but whenever I publish it on Samsung Store, I came across the App suspend issue due to following reason…

The unsafe warning of Play Protect and Installation error (-22) occurs when installing app.

Do I need to sign the apk file with same key I signed on Google Play Store or differeappreciatednt api key? Please suggest.

I have been searching for hours and just want to be able to get the phone case maker on the Samsung store more my client https://designmycase.co.uk

How to fix this when submitting app on Samsung Galaxy Store and same app published on Google Play Store also

Any help would be much appreciated

Here is what the store team told me.

If the you are using the same package name as their app at google play while using different signing key, then it may increase the risk of Play Protect issue.

If the app does not have Samsung IAP, or any other 3rd party payment method, then I’d recommend to have the same signing key.

Otherwise, having a separate package name for Galaxy Store is recommended way to differentiate builds.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations