How to release Closed Beta App version lower than released app

I am trying Galaxy API to upload my apk files. To differenciate geniune versions and my trial upload version, I first upload version 99999 of my app. When I saw the upload system worked, I started to upload my real app versions which is 12305. Although Galaxy seller portal shows that lastly I submit my beta app version 12305 my testers are still seeing previous app version 99999 on galaxy store when they used my galaxy store link. The app version is not updating. Anyone has any idea to reset this behaviour?

The version of your latest app that you want customers to download must always be higher than previous versions. So 99999 is always going to be higher.

You should be able to delete 99999 from the binary list which makes 12305 the highest.

Hope this helps.

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Unfortunately it did not work. Our seller portal shows correct version but our testers can not see the lower version on the portal. Anyone has alternative idea?