How to reset keystore file path?

I have successfully built aab using a new keystore and new password from C:\Users\users\WatchFaceStudio\keystore\keystore.jks

In an attempt to updating a published watch face that used a different keystore and password (the password contains special characters that prompts WFS with build warning) . I changed the keystore file path to the old keystore and built an aab with warning sign. But Google still states the aab is not signed.

So I try to go back to build aab with the new keystore by changed the file path back to C:\Users\users\WatchFaceStudio\keystore\keystore.jks
But now WFS is saying the same password that successfully built the aab earlier is no longer correct. The password hasn’t changed in any ways. So how do clear or reset WFS keystore path?

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I reinstalled WFS and it’s working now.


It’s great :smiling_face: You tried a lot. Now it’s working :innocent: Best wishes :smiley:


It suddenly struck me that you probably didn’t need to create a new password only a new Alias with a legal password.

Glad you finally got it fixed.

Samsung Developer Relations


I had to in my case, because my original keystore password used in WFS 1.0 has special characters that causes issue with aab generated by WFS 1.2. Google doesn’t accept it stating aab is not signed. So I can’t update the watch face without a new keystore, Google Console is helping me to reset the certificate.