Password was incorrect

Hi, I installed WFS, I drew the first face and I clicked on “create new key” and created the key. It does not create any files, other than the one I choose, like galaxy studio does for tizen. But when I launch the buils it tells me “keystore password was incorrect”. Help me !!

Be sure that everything is correct and the folder is correct.
Keystore Path has to be the same every time
Keystore Password has to be the same
Keystore Alias has to be the same
Key Password has to be the same.

I use the same password for Keystore and Key to save my sanity.
I created a C:\users\username\Keystore as my folder
and the path is

The default key alias is Key0 so I keep that as it.

Create a new Key and is the easiest way if it says passwords do not match.

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I recreated the key as written in his answer but at the time of building, at the end, a yellow triangle appears with a warning without any writing

It is the same with this Topic

You should get a log in the
C:\Users{User}\AppData\Roaming\watchfacestudio\dump\main folder
See if you can see what the warning is and if it can be ignored.

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I found the solution, I switched to, at least that works!