Index Rotation

Hi everyone,

I am a student nurse and I want to use my Galaxy Watch on the wards because it tracks my steps. I have looked on the galaxy store and cannot find an upside-down fob watch face. I downloaded the Galaxy Watch Studio to design my own only to find that there is not rotation feature for the index, face, etc. Nurse fob watches tend to hang upside-down.

Any ideas on how to rotate or links to fob watch faces?


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If you want digital, just grab the little handle and flip it 180%
If you want to have dials you can just set the hands to rotate counter clockwise instead of CW
The issue is with a numbered index, either create your own or use an Index without numbers.

If you are going to need seconds in Always On Mode you may need to go with a preinstalled watch face as custom watch faces cannot have seconds in AOD mode.

Some kind designer here might help you and let you install it as Beta version for free (and not long review required).

Samsung Developer Program