How to sync Battery Percent With aod second

Hi I’m Newbie of GWS

I wonder How to Sync Battery Percent with aod second hand

If you know to how to sync it help newbie

I’ll really appreciate it Thank u

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AOD doesn’t have a seconds hand, or ability to show seconds on the AOD. Maybe the translation isn’t that good?

I am not sure what you try to make, but if you want to make the second hand to show battery %, then simply insert it in design as you would any other hand. It by default syncs the hand with hours. Then

  1. Click there to change it.
  2. Point on the last option (conditions) and it opens further menu options to sync with.
  3. Pick battery %

Did not know that would work on AOD second hand…

It will just look like second hand, but it will be showing battery percentage during AoD

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Thanks for your kindness

I got function of ‘aod’ and i made it by your comment

basically second hand

aod func battery percent hand

Thank you So much

Have a nice day

I really appreciate it