How to use watch face formart with andriod studio

Hi, @amoledwatchfaces how did u build wff with android studio? Though android studio uses kotlin or java? Did u use kotlin or pure watch face format.

Watch Face Format setup | Android Developers

@amoledwatchfaces seem like by doing command lines calls not via IDE.

Yes, you need bundletool command-line program. [Step 2]

ok, how you know what you drawing, since all is code. you use emulator? to test?

Everything by hand. It’s a bit time-consuming, not so easy or user-friendly as WFS is. I think WFS will get more WFF features soon with upcoming update.

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If watch face format is universal for all watches it should meet the purpose of watch face studio to include all watch face format features… so it be a full “ide” for watch face format.

all Wear OS 4 watches so currently only GW and PW. WFS goes beyond that and still provides API 30+ support.

Do not expect too much. Long ago when asking for enhanced features like access to custom variables, we were told that WFS was a designer tool, not a developer tool, and so for more we should use android studio. That means WFS may never support all WFF features.