How to compile watchface with WFS for older watches?

Hello forum!
I used to set up a few nice watch faces for my Moto360. I know it’s a bit older, but using ADB you can update the google play services and most things still work. It runs on Android 6.0.1./Android Wear 1.4.0.

The app I previously used is called “Watchmaker”, but with each update the problems pile up and I want to get rid of it and rebuild my faces in an independent way, so I can just install them on my watch, either by installing the face as apk via ADB, or via the phone with the WearOS app.

I have already created a simple analog watchface and built the apk. I tried to install the apk via adb, but it fails with [install_failed_older_sdk]. As there are no build options whatsoever I was wondering if it is possible to configure WFS to use the appropriate SDK level (should be 23 for 6.0.1) for building the apk.

I know it probably breaks some of the features, but we’re not even talking about features yet, just about plain functionality of the build.

Sorry it is only possible to use WFS to create watch faces for API 28+ and newer. The Wear OS powered by Samsung is too different and requires different hardware.

Samsung Developers Relations

I was afraid that would be the answer. Thank you anyway. Do you happen to know of an alternative tool or at least a good tutorial of how to code a watchface?

Sorry but Samsung just went to Wear OS last fall and I’m not too familiar with older design tools. There is something called Jet Pack you use with Android Studio but it may be harder.

Samsung Developer Relations