I can not run A face on my watch Today

What network u using personal? If personal u could reserve ip to your watch via router. Which i did. For ports unsure how to maintain

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Thanks . I am sure my WiFi connection is Personal . I am at Home . The IP Address stays the same . It is the Port address that changes . I dare say that is not reservable . I have ever had to use the Port Address before . I am starting to understand that I have to go to the Console on my Laptop to get to the Port Paring number settings . I hate to think I have to do this every time I sync A Face . I do it every 15 minutes when I am developing something . It looks so different on my Watch .

I think it for security that the port changes…
Alternative you could try adb connect ip:port
To connect first. Onces connected from cmd. U can do scan for device…

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Yeah . Thanks I am going to have a look today . I never had to do that before .


Did you find any solution. As shown above i cannot find a place to enter port no in WFS 1.3.13. There seems to be no option in 1.13.13 to enter port number

I updated my ADB Platform tools to latest.

This was shared on another same same but different topic

By the way i just googled the changing port thing is a android 11/12 and wear os thing.

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I think my problem is Getting the correct IP address from the Modem. I will post some shots later .

Ok…but what i did on my router is bind mac address to ip. The ip wont change after that

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Never Mind .Reading another thread i was able to connect via adb command shell thanks to isaac’s post.

0.I updated my ADB Platform tools to latest.
1.I successfully paired 1st via paiing code command
2.Then i used the adb connect command
3. The watch was not showing in WFS 1.3.13 so i restarted the watch and now watch appeared


Thanks @Knightwing . I have not been into the Router settings for Years . Seems like I have to Walk that Walk .
It looks to me , having read other posts , that the watch now connects to the PC / Laptop not the Modem . Hell I am getting Confused .

I followed these steps and my Watch 4 Classic connects fine. But then the wheel on the Run on Device button spins foever and nothing happens. So my watch face does not upload und install on the watch. What can I do?

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Try again it happens time to time…untill they have something more stable we have to rely on retries…

Haha…of course it connects to your laptop via the modem/router. And the router assign ip to each of your devices

Actually for me the abd command also sometimes connect, sometimes gives me "failed to connect: error

I get that on WFS sometimes I just ignore it and a short time later it connects.

You also may want to revoke debugging authorizations that forces them to appear again. They could have been set to deny by mistake.

Samsung Developer Relations

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before I always pressed the Cross on Revoke Authorisations . Are you saying I should tap on that is already Blue and revoke the authorisations .

No harm click on that…i do it many times

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When adb connect cmd line fails…need to retype it doesnt wait for reconnection

Please if you find this in the forum, Control D or copy paste it in your notes. :grinning: I use “.\adb” instead of just adb. You will know what to use in the error and just follow what is suggested. This is the way to easily connect the GW6 even the updated GW5 and GW4 with 1.3.13. Thanks to @isaacok0919 and good luck to those who have 3 physical devices. :rofl:

"Hi, this is Isaac.

This method uses the adb command and requires some DOS knowledge.

The command to use is:

1.adb pair 192.168.1.xxx:xxxxx (The last 5 digits are the pairing port number.)

2.adb connect 192.168.1.xxx:xxxxx (The port number is 5 digits, and it is a wireless debugging number.)

To execute this command, you need a program called platform-tools distributed by Google.

You can search for it, download it in advance, and unzip it.

After that, run the above two commands in the command prompt.

If you pair first, it continues until you cancel the pairing, so you only need to use the port access command for the second WFS connection.

  1. Activate developer mode on your watch.
  2. Enable adb debugging in watch developer mode.
  3. Activate wireless debugging in watch developer mode and connect to wifi. (You can see the ip and port number.)
  4. Press the + sign to register the device. (If you press it, the pairing number, IP, and 5 digits of the port number appear. Do not close the screen, but you must perform the pairing command on the computer while it is open.)

4-1. Right-click on the platform-tools folder that you downloaded and unzipped in advance and click Open in Terminal to open a command prompt.

  1. Enter the pairing command adb pair 192.168.1.xxx:xxxxx (This port number is the port number indicated in pairing.) and then insert the 6 digit pairing number."

Pin that platform tool folder in the quick access and then Shift+ right click the folder to easily access the PowerShell just like the image below. Once paired to your PC, you will only enter the #2 command line and you will reconnect every time you restart/shutdown your PC. So if are a developer and is using GW5 Pro and below models for testing, do not update your watch otherwise you will end up following above instructions. :smile: