I do not want to Brick my watch

To be honest . I feel it is not an unknown issue . Ron is Brilliant and never gives an answer that is not correct . Thanks for your response . Sorry about the time zone glitch . I am UTC+1 .


First off Wear OS learns your needs so it may take a few weeks before it has optimal battery use. Using battery saver options really improves the battery life but it turns off location which affects some Samsung Health options such as walking, biking and other such activities.

Location eats the battery a lot, turn it off if you don’t need it. WiFi connection is On or Off but On is the same as the old Auto setting Turning it off will help but the watch is very aggressive in turning it off almost to the point of annoyance. Still it will drain the battery if you leave the watch ADB on.

Wear OS 4 has continuous HR reading they say it has been improved so that it does not drain the battery. It has nothing to do with the watch face or the tool using it. There is nothing you can do to stop it it is part of the Wear Health Services API

I believe that the Samsung Health HR interval setting just is for sharing with 3rd party apps.

There is also a Irregular Heart Rate Monitory option and that may cause more battery use but I don’t think it does. I don’t think it is installed by default you have to add it.

Hope this helps set your mind at ease.

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Thanks Ron . As always you put my mind straight . I can not believe the Bright Green LED being on constant is not a Battery Drain . It is not even strobing sometimes . When I use Pwm on s=a Led On a bit of electronics I get a significant power saving . Leaving it on full power really warms them up . The main reason I don’t use the SP02 sensor ( Red LED ) during sleep is the battery is well drained by the morning .
Any way Thanks Again .
To conclude they are working on it .

Can you please answer the Title question of the topic . I want to do a Clean Install on my watch . Is it possible ?

Do you want to do it without upgrading to Wear4?
Simply re-pairing will clean it the same as the Factory reset as the option shown above will do that

but…I don’t know if the watch will do the incremental updates or just go straight to the Wear 4 update. Unless you want to leave it at the Watch 5 factory version.

Oh and I forgot to mention that complications in AoD mode seem to be more battery hungry than in previous wear versions

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Hey Ron . I am on the Wear4 / One UI5 now . My watch is a GW4 classic . How do I start this . Re-Pairing Please . You are obviously not talking about the one for transferring .wfs to my watch . Is that an option in the Factory settings I showed in the Pictures at the top of the topic ?

As I mentioned a couple of time I have done the factory Reset but stuff like the IP address of the WiFi is preserved . Leading me to think it was not a complete wipe .

Re-pairing like removing your device from the wear app and add new device. It should wipe everything clean.

I got a new phone and when I paired to the new phone it wiped all the data. But I don’t think it removed the system updates like a factory reset would. I had to enter my wifi password again.

As I mentioned a couple of time I have done the factory Reset but stuff like the IP address of the WiFi is preserved . Leading me to think it was not a complete wipe .

hmm it should have taken it back without anything. Maybe you just rebooted soft reset.


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Ok thanks for that Ron . In the pictures I have shown above . I have done Recovery / Wipe cache partition and Recovery - Wipe data / factory reset . In both cases I did not have to use my WiFi Password . Next time I think we are in a mess . I will try the new device Method . I have that copied . Thank you .

BTW the new Paring for syncing a face to My watch is Brilliant . A much better connection than with 1.3.13 . So thanks to the Engineers fo that .

Hey Ron . I tried that New device trick it still remembered the Password for the WiFi naturally the IP address changed . I do not consider that a clean Install . But never mind the watch still works .