I don't know why I was rejected

I definitely added a clock icon, but it doesn’t show up on the applied screen.

They usually want Live Icons for Clock and Calendar. For the clock make sure both hands are vertical at 0°

Thank you, but I don’t quite understand. When creating the .stp file, I added both the hour and minute hands to the clock icon, but why is the clock icon not applied at all on the left screen? On the right preview screen, the clock icon is applied.

Ah, very sorry i didn’t understand you, my fault. Your Icon pack was rejected, i thought it was a theme…

In an icon pack I think the clock is static, so you add the clock not the hands?

I cannot tell what is wrong, but when I download trials of several of your packs, none of the clocks apply. When I download trials from others the clock works. Very strange.

It has to be something with your clock image but i think that only the Seller Portal help desk can look at your STP and see what’s wrong.

Sorry i can’t help more.

The Icon Pack uses only the static icons for the clock and the calendar. They seem to export fine but they don’t work on the phone. You’ll need to use the static icons when you export the Icon Pack or to use a separate *.stp only for the icons.