Rejected Theme Application

Hi there. I recently applied to Samsung Developer to create and sell themes but was unfortunately rejected, and with a generic response. Now I put a lot of effort in to the design, from the lockscreen clock, battery icon and app icons to dialer customisation and am not sure why it was rejected. In my opinion it was a clean and legible theme, and was created from scratch with inspiration taken from the popular Westworld show. Have I done something wrong, or can Samsung give a more specific reason for the rejection? I am open to critique from anyone, and by no means mean any disrespect to Samsung. Thanks. Luke
Luke Masters - 28.04.2020.pdf (3.6 MB)

You drew not bad geometry, but very few of this apply on real devices.
If you sent only this, then one theme project is definitely not enough to consider your application.
I would venture to give you advice, do not draw gyometry, since it is impossible to find out what your artistic potential is.