I have made one demo but nothing seen on display

I have made one demo with this code. Example i have tried to drawing a polygon using cairo graphics from this website example. i have copied this code. but when i run this project nothing has been seen on the emulator display only showing black screen. what is the issue i do not under stand. please anybody help.

It should work though graphical representation with watch is little bit tough.
What is your tizen API version? Please check this with real device.

Don’t forget to check the prerequisite part:

I have checked this link. but how can I plot the graph like https://apexcharts.com/javascript-chart-demos/line-charts/realtime/ this realtime in native application development using this cairo graphics. have you any example or reference for developing this type of graph in native application ? please help.


I did not try.
But you can try to customize the code snippet as per your requirements.
There are two ways for UI representation in Tizen Native. One is cairo graphics and another is DALi.
Cairo generally used for 2D representation and DALi is for 3D. But handling DALi is little bit tricky.
By the way, you can also try with Tizen Web for this complex UI.